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Report-AS is  part of  JRAST 


The genesis of Report-AS began with five young professionals, including Sam Litvin and Tasha Morton, seeking to advocate against what they saw as an increasing prevalence of anti-Semitism occurring in California’s publicly-funded higher education systems.  They discovered assessing the full impact on Jewish students was largely unknown due to a lack of empirical data that measures hate speech, physical and/or verbal abuse, and bias harassment. Across California’s three publicly-funded higher education systems, there was not a centralized system for reporting incidents.  In addition, reporting mechanisms varied between campuses, lacked standardized definitions of anti-Semitism, and were underutilized due to inadequate knowledge of the reporting feature. Moreover, there was a general lack of transparency in accessing the data on reported incidents; thus, making it impossible to truly assess and address the issue.

So, arose the need to create a centralized, transparent system designed for Jewish students at both privately and publicly funded colleges and universities across the US. At Report-AS, a student can elect to report via multiple communication platforms (phone, text, web chat, social media).  The logic behind utilizing multiple platforms is that reporting should feel intuitive, and most of all, as convenient as possible for students. This innovative method was developed and tested by student focus groups.

Data collected through Report-AS will be made available biannually for students, parents, campus administration, and other anti-bias organizations in the hopes it will be used to address anti-Jewish incidents on their campuses.

Report-AS and JRAST are non-political and religiously unaffiliated.  We strive to make sure ALL JEWS, regardless of political or religious beliefs, feel secure and supported when reporting with Report-AS.


Report-AS is the reporting initiative for JRAST- Jews Resisting Anti-Semitism Taskforce.  Its mission is to provide a convenient to use reporting tool for tracking anti-Semitic hate crimes and bias harassment of Jews on college and university campuses. 


Our objective is to create a database of verified anti-Semitic incidents on campus to understand the prevalence and to proactively respond to such incidents.